Come To A Class!

Live in LA? Hip hip hooray!

My next Live Drawing Class for Radical ‘Teens (& their ‘Rents) is on deck.

It’s a 2-hour (em)POWER(ing) painting workshop meets brunchadelic bonding art-venture for teenagers and the people who raised ‘em up right. Auxiliary family members (toddlers, godmothers, the guy who might be your cousin) are warmly welcomed, too.

Pricing, Anticipation & All That Jazz:

♡ I’ll provide easels, paintbrushes, watercolors, ink pens & paper.
♡ You bring a CD for the boombox-jukebox.
♡ You’ll leave with an original work of art (yours, of course), a renewed sense of rah-rah connection to your kidlet or parent, and the smuggish knowledge that you spent your Sunday morning doing something much cooler than most people you know. 

{ Buy A Single Ticket :: $25 }
{ Buy A Pair of Tickets :: $45 }
{ Come To All 12 Classes, All Year Long :: $250 }

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