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Nomadic Rodentia Three

Nomadic Rodentia Three

By the time I was nine, I had changed schools five times. No stranger to the temporal nature of an everyday existence, I embraced heartache with as much vigor as someone might embrace the stability of having health insurance, or eating Jell-o. It was what it was. I just learned how to move on.

I learned how to trick the system. I entered art and coloring contests left and right, so that I could win gift certificates for groceries. I bought my issue of Seventeen at the Thrifty Drug in whatever city we were in, instead of getting a subscription. I learned to sew 1) to save money 2) so I wouldn't have to waste time learning where the stores where ever we moved to.

I learned to smile and make jokes at every school, so that the inevitable goodbyes weren't too painful--this, while I was secretly wishing that my friends were my family, instead of my brothers and father, who were, in fact, the people pulling me away, over and over again.


Nomadic Rodentia is currently up for sale on Etsy.


Ladyfingers in a Long Beach Minute.

Saturday was the "Ladyfingers" opening at Downtown Darling in Long Beach. The day of, I was incredibly nervous and amped up. I had worries running through my head, coupled with thoughts of trying to settle my nerves. I love that little bit of adrenaline that puts you on edge and makes you feel like you just consumed 8 pink Peeps.


Streamers were strung from one end of the space to another. I had made them during the week while taking in the deep and emotional "New York Minute", starring my girlfriend Mary Kate Olsen.


These tiny mouse paintings were the very last ones I did! I think they are so fun and lively! Ben loves to tease me about drawing rodents, but actually freaking out when I actually saw one hanging out in our kitchen. Ugh, unless an animal is paying rent in our place, he doesn't get to snack on our food!


Table of buttons, business cards, takeaways, fliers, and an e-mail list. You can also subscribe for updates by clicking the button on the right of this page!


Three of the mixed media drawings I did for the show. I loved drawing horns on my friends! Those little minxes.


Paintings grazing the top of the vintage dress racks. Ben and our friend Brian did an amazing job the night before hanging the show.


Ben before the show started. I love his little boy tie.

I wore a dress that I found at Goodwill on Fairfax. I cut the neckline, arms, and bottom of the dress and hemmed it up. Don't say those used bridesmaids dresses are good for nothing!


Cuties Rita and Courtney came out, along with other friends. I was so happy to have them there!


Golden Afternoon played on the upper level of the loft.



Ben observing all of the peeps that came in and out of the space for the show! The place seemed packed at certain points and I had to go outside to catch my breath. Such good energy! Thanks so much to everyone who made it out--you have no idea how much your support means to me.

The show will be up until mid-June. Hours at Downtown Darling are:

Tues: 12:00 pm-7:00 pm
Wed: 2:00 pm-7:00 pm
Thurs - Fri: 12:00 pm-7:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm-6:00 pm

The shop is located in downtown Long Beach, at 314 Elm Avenue. You'll recognize it because it's the cutest store on the block!

Pieces are all available for sale at the shop and at my Etsy.



11 Songs for 11 Ladies.

I've had these paintings marinating in my head for a long time--they hung around through notes, city adventures, and heartbreak. Each lady definitely brought something new to the story I was telling. They were each distinct--playful, discouraged, bored, incredulous, shocked. No matter what they felt, they were smart and funny at the core, and that was the filter I used to bring them to life. Each of these songs helped manifest the image while I was working, and so I consider this mix tape, of sorts, to be very important to the show.

It'll be playing at "Ladyfingers" tonight. For those of you stuck in New Zealand or Kokomo, here is the Ladyfingers Mix Tape, as put together by my partner in crime, Jennifer Emerling. Because she's such a lover, she's given you the tech-y option of getting each song separately, or as the full compilation. Listen now, thank her later. That's how she likes it.


The Pipettes- "Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me"
Be Your Own Pet- "Becky"
Mates of State- "Laura"
Patrick Wolf- "The Magic Position"
Cyndi Lauper- "Girls Just Want To Have Fun"
The Crystals- "Then He Kissed Me"
Mika- "Grace Kelly"
Best Coast- "Crazy For You"
Weezer- "Buddy Holly"
Tennis- "Cape Dory"
Neko Case- "That Teenage Feeling"

These MP3 are intended as a sampling-- a mere morsel of the talent of each artist. If you like the song, buy the album and feel free to cry and laugh and yearn along with them. A heart can't live without a beat. If you are the artist and would like me to take down your song, please email me. I will be sad, but will understand. xoxo

Etsy will have it's share of Ladyfingers items--paintings, buttons, all the loot!-- up at 11 this morning. Get ready, Tiger Beats!


Ladyfingers: Meet Andie.

Round two of our Ladyfingers sneak peek--these doves are ready to fly tomorrow!

A. Lady "Teenage Dream" 2011

1.) Name: Andie

2.)How old are you? 26

3.)Favorite color? Faded Barbie sunset pink.

4.)Who is your best friend? Oh gosh. I haven't thought about this since high school. I have a different best friend for every activity. I have an eating best friend. A yoga best friend. A makeup best friend.

5.) Where do you want to go for vacation? A penthouse in a large city, with windows all around and wood floors, and just a bed with a stack of books.

6.) Do you love your life? I'm learning to love it. The more I try to take responsibility for everything in my life, the more I love it.

7.) Gum or Candy? Gum. Fast chewing, fast living!

8.)Have any tattoos? I'm way too commitment-phobic for the steez.

9.)Who is your idol? I am really loving Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall". She had her own game and style and smiled all the time!

10.)What do you like most about yourself? I'll give anything or anyone a chance. :)

11.)Have any enemies? I'll give anything or anyone a chance. :(

Yesterday, my takeaway postcards came in. Jenn, of course, designed them, and I think they look like sunshine! They will be at the show tomorrow. Grab 'em!

Takeaways for Ladyfingers!

Tonight, Ben, Brian, and I are hanging the show. So, so excited! I'll be listing all of the new pieces on Etsy, and they will be available to purchase during the opening.

And my friend Adam interviewed me for his art podcast, "I Don't Get It". We discuss artmaking, slumpin' it, and making things happen. Lots of Fresno-focused art challenges as well. Check it out!


Pre-Show Countdown

This week has been non-stop preparation for the show...and I'm still only halfway through the week! Here's some behind the scenes goodies for you:

Ladyfingers buttons!

I received my buttons from girl genius, Taryn Hipp! I've been ordering my buttons from her for years, and she never fails to kick ass. Even when I hit her with a Facebook message: "Hey, do you think you can do these in a week?" It never phases her, because she's a ROCKSTAR. Her prices are great and she does fantastic custom work. If you are in the market for these great little guys with your design on them, I urge you to order your buttons from her now! Limited edition "Shannon" buttons will be debuting at the show on Saturday. Buttons always go quick, so be sure to scoop them up!


Ben has been a massive assist to me over the past few weeks. Among other things, he patiently painted these frames a deep, dark, solid black to go with the work.


Yesterday I spent time putting together yards of different colored grade school streamers. I love these brightly suspended loops of joy! I had forgotten how construction paper makes your hands smell. It's so distinct! I want to work with it more, now that I'm rekindled my love of it.

Feather and tinsel hair extensions!

I also saw my new friend Tanya, who put feathers and tinsel in my hair! I'd been wanting to get this done for so long, and now I have streaks of the wild coursing through my locks. Ok, are they really "locks" if they are so short? Who knows. What they are is an accessory that makes me feel like a banshee. I've missed my purple hair (call me fickle, change is the spice of life when it comes to hair!) and this is fine. I love the tinsel when it sweeps across my face. It reminds me that everything can be made a bit more magical.

The countdown continues. I am more than a little giddy about this show and am enjoying every bit of preparation!


Ladyfingers: Meet Shannon.

I want to give you a sneaky peaky at the ladies who'll be appearing on May 14th at Downtown Darling. There will be 11 new portraits, so I'm asking 11 questions. I had a blast drawing and painting these lovelies and can't wait to see them hung on walls amongst the treasures at the boutique!

A. Lady- "Those Too" 2011

1.) Name: Shannon K.

2.)How old are you? 19

3.)Favorite color? Navy Blue, the color of the shadows of seahorses

4.)Who is your best friend? Natalie. I spied her two years ago at school. She was asking the best questions in economics. She would ask them just to get the teacher talking so we'd never have to open our texts. She was everything I wanted to be.

5.) Where do you want to go for vacation? Maybe to New York City. I want to see that Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. I want to go on a Holden Caulfield themed tour through the city. Also, maybe to my mom's couch in Kentucky, to catch some z's.

6.) Do you love your life? I will love it, once I don't have to worry about buying food.

7.) Gum or Candy? Candy on cupcakes. I made a dozen chocolate cupcakes with Reese's mini peanut butter cups on top. Those were crazy! Natalie had three and then puked after we watched The Muffs. Rock and roll!

8.)Have any tattoos? I'm saving up for one. My friend Neil's cousin does them and I'm pretty sure he'll hook me up. I really want a seahorse on my shoulder. Can you give me a ride?

9.)Who is your idol? Natalie :)

10.)What do you like most about yourself? I still write handwritten letters. I have a ton of old notebook paper--you remember the kind, with the spiral binding and the blue lines?--I use that and fold it up really tiny into hearts or bird shapes and leave them in my friend's mailboxes. My cursive is big and loopy and like a code. So if you can read it, you are my friend.

11.)Have any enemies? Only one, and it's anchovies on my pizza. STAY THE EFF AWAY.